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Leon - Ford

Salesman Merv very professional with service, all little problems sorted out. Nothing to worry about. Trust worthy, good stock of rare ford vehicles.

Leon - Ford

Mojghan - Captiva

Very happy client, happy with the experience and service that was provide from Merv.


Kaitlyn- Jazz

Mal is a very nice man, very genuine great experience.

Kaitlyn- Jazz

Ravi- Captiva

Paul very friendly, 2nd car I bought from Paulico Autos, sells high quality cars.

Ravi- Captiva

Timothy - Ford G6

Great easy experience, love the car. Very happy overall, Mal’s a good bloke.

Timothy-Ford G6

Monika-Ford Falcon

Very good service from Mal, would recommend Paulico to family and friends.

Monika-Ford Falcon

Mirela-Mazda 3-Mal Salesman

Easy going experience no trouble in financial statements. Great help, very informative, very friendly service.

Jerome- Falcon XR6 - Mal salesman

Mal salesman was great. finance was easy and great. Best experience I have ever had, will definitely buy a car again from Paulico Autos.

Jerome- Falcon XR6

Jamie - Territory - Merv salesman

Merv salesman was wonderful to deal with, very helpful car yard.

Jamie - Territory

Linda - Berlina - Merv salesman

Excellent service, friendly people, I am beyond happy.

 Linda- Berlina